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Locked Out of the Hotel Room, Naked

Security footage pieces together this man’s walk of shame; watch until the end for the conversation with the hotel clerk.

"I need to see your drivers license"



*mentally prepares myself for all the white people who will see the burqa as a sexy and empowering thing once lady gaga releases her “rap song” called burqa swag while they shit all over muslim and middle eastern women who do wear the burqa and call them oppressed*


America Approves

Everyone at work seemed preoccupied with celebrating “their” electoral victory today, so I decided to preoccupy myself by making these.

If you voted for Obama, you not only registered your approval of the things you like, you also officially condoned the many atrocities he’s committed and corrupt policies he’s championed. Congratulations, you’re an accomplice to heinous acts.

If this offends you, there’s hope for you yet.

(Source: laliberty)


Filled with regret, waiting to die alone

Filled with regret, waiting to die alone